OcuHub is no longer in existence. For your reference here are some alternative service providers that might be of interest to you.

EHR Integrations: Our healthcare technology consulting is called Perfect Practice. This unique approach leverages the vast experience and knowledge base of our healthcare professionals, technologists, data analysts and healthcare technology partners to understand your practice and recommend results driven solutions that improve your practice performance every day.
Care Coordination: illuma Care Connections, a new care coordination company for eyecare providers and health plan partners technology-enabled services that integrate eyecare services into mainstream healthcare delivery. illuma’s services are designed to improve outcomes, reduce costs and drive practice growth by ensuring that patients with known vision risks are scheduled for the appropriate exams with eyecare practitioners in the illuma network, the results of which are automatically shared with patients’ primary care physicians.
Patient Recall4PatientCare solutions are tailored to increase staff efficiency, enhance revenue, and build patient affinity. Configure your own communication profile to remind your patients via secure HIPAA-compliant e-mail messages a few days before their appointments, and if the patient hasn’t confirmed, automatically follow-up with a voice-enabled reminder call. You can also text message patients the morning of their appointments. 4PatientCare is a proven, powerful, and cost effective tool that increases practice revenue. Using Internet-based technology and telephony, 4PatientCare dramatically reduces staff time, lowers no-shows, and increases the number of filled appointment slots.